Lettre à un Homosexuel – 3

Hey YOU,

No, not you, YOU, the one I’m writing this letter to, I’m going to pretend no one is going to read this but YOU even though I know YOU are going to share with a thousand and one other people.

It’s 2:15 pm and I still haven’t had lunch yet and I’m sure YOU’re smiling at this very moment just considering this fact. Aren’t YOU?

And if I had to define YOU, I’ll simply say:

YOU, I’ve been reading your letters and non sent letters for over a year now and I can’t help but react every time I do. YOU made me laugh most of the times but sometimes your words were so strong they brought tears to my eyes…

YOU, a compilation of contradictions I can’t help but love, as powerful as YOU are when YOU write and as shy as a 4 year old boy who goes to school for the first time and refuses to talk to strangers.

YOU, Learn about yourself and keep forcing yourself to answer all the question and actions happening in your everyday life.

YOU, keep being proud of who you are and avoid being automatically placed within the stereotypes because you are so much better than what everybody else thinks of YOU…

YOU, never stop being YOU…

I remember when YOU told me something, a simple quote that has resigned with me to this day. I remember YOU said: “People are ordinary, they have ordinary lives with ordinary expectations and we have no right to belittle them for not having evolved socially or intellectually, so let’s just blend in.”

It made me laugh at first but then I thought about it and figured out YOU were right, no one should lie about who they are simply because when you gain respect for your competence in your personal and professional life and among your family and friends, chances are once they find who you really are, you will still be accepted for the good person they have always known… OR NOT !

But to me, YOU are a human being I respect, a friend I enjoy talking to, a writer I will always admire and a man who will change things with his words…

So, it’s not about who YOU are, it has never been…

It’s about all the people out there who have forgotten they were human beings too. Human beings who have forgotten about the tolerance we all seek in life…

So, I believe I have run a full circle with this. The hardest lesson to learn in life is to know yourself, understand yourself. Only then will YOU be able to truly help others understand. Only then, the truth will be yours forever.

Now let me go eat something, I’m starving!

Talk to you soon…

A friend who kind of adores YOU… In a friendly way

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